New sculptural design radiators

We just designed and produced a new line of thermosculpture radiators that emphasize the features of our patented t-sculpt process: the accuracy and beauty of the shape obtained through aluminium casting and refined surface finishes, the improvements in functionality and energetic savings, the  recyclability advantages …


Kulatto is composed with neat geometrical forms that overlap almost freely to create an open shape that rhythmically evolves around a polished aluminum detail. Like in early abstract paintings it uses pure and intense colours. 

This is a simple and yet sophisticated object that will perfectly integrate into a classical setting or a modernist or contemporary design. Beside its function as a room heater you can use Kulatto as a front entrance hanger to keep your coat warm or as a towel warmer in the bathroom.


A fine and original piece representing the formal possibilities we can achieve with our t-sculpt patented process. The mesmerizing pattern relief, obtained from the bubble wrap impression further enhanced by nice colour variations and a bare aluminum brushed bright frontal surface and edges, has a contemporary look fitting every room and design. The little elements that compose the pattern develop into a regular but ever changing surface with visual and tactile charm. The object perfectly integrates efficiency and formal appeal and can be a driving element of the interior project.


Flat cocktail is developed with attention to bare metal finishes. The simple flat rectangular aluminum shape is divided into different areas that bring the natural material surface to evidence and characterize the object with a varying degree and direction of roughness and reflectivity, reminding to some extent the experiments of optical art.

This object can be coated in a range of coloured translucent paintings to chromatically change the subtle tone variations of the metal.

The balanced character of this object can give a new image to every place where it will be installed be it traditional or contemporary.  


This minimal flat shape paying homage to rationalism is defined by a subtle brushed bright contour edge, the simple yet assertive line with smooth beveled corners, elegantly underlines the formal rigor and designs a frame for the fine surface treatment made on aluminum. The matte finishes developed with original and refined monochromatic tones have as counterpart an hammered relief version which highlights the sculptural presence and subtle light reflections. The different versions can fit various locations and design needs for both high end residential and commercial applications.






All of our products are the result of decades of perfect integration of technology, arts and artisan ability. Every thermosculptural radiator is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy using our t-sculptTM patented process: a technology that lets the imagination run free to design and produce heated objects with an endless range of original shapes and superb finishes, while offering absolute comfort and top energy performance, ease of installation, quality materials and respect for the environment.


  • Wide Range of RAL,NCS colours and innovative finishes
  •  Additional Standard Colours at No Extra Charge
  •  Custom from a Sample or Bespoke Colours and Finishes


  •  Fast response time to heat up the room rapidly for a great comfort
  •  Significant energy savings thorough the fast response time and low water content
  •  Low-temperature efficienct solution when coupled with condensing boilers and heat pumps
  •  High heat output ratio related to the overall radiator dimension
  •  Silent running
  •  Flexo Connection: a flexible pipework connection system for an easy and versatile installation
  •  Pipe connection inlet and outlet suitable either from the floor or the wall
  •  Rotolock: a swivel mounting system for an easy installation and maintenance
  •  Impeccable water tightness at high pressures
  •  Hideaway hydraulic kit, supplied as standard
  •  Thermostatic valve as standard for temperature fine tuning


  •  Heating body made in aluminum with very high thermal proprieties and corrosion resistence
  •  Water pipes made in stainless steel for very high corrosion resistence
  •  RAL and NCS paints made in polyester powder-coat to guarantee the highest aesthetic quality, mechanical strength and high resistance to  scratch, corrosion and UV rays


  •  Energy saving and long-lasting product
  •  Low impact production process with a low LCA score
  •  Made of at least 30% recycled aluminum and fully recyclable again at the end of its lifecycle


Upon request we are able to offer a best-in-class bespoke service to develop and produce special finishes and  customized measures and shapes according to the most demanding needs for  renovation or new interior projects, classical or a contemporary settings, residential or commercial applications.

Completely Designed and Made in Italy by Phosphorus Imperfect