Video of Shackleton exhibition at Muse museum

Shackleton @ Muse opening, Trento July 26th, 2013

Following the invitation of Muse ho1 took part in the two days celebrating the opening of the new science museum in Trento designed by Renzo Piano. Muse opening was an astonishing event, 30.000 people attended the vernissage on july 27th and 28th. We presented the prototypes and the technology of our Shackleton sculpture on the “inventori” performance that took place on the main stage on Sunday morning…the real sculpture was installed just in front of the entrance of the museum in the contest of the “big bang” show organized by galleria Boccanera in collaboration with Muse. Shackleton shape reproduces the morphology of the lunar surface rebuilt following in detail NASA analysis, in this occasion the sculpture was enhanced with a particular version of our patented t-sculpt™ technology that allows for thermal control of the aluminium casting: we cooled down the surface to the point that the metal started to be covered by little drops of water, turning Shackleton in a spectacular object…attracting people of every age who were staring, touching and sitting on it…with temperature raising up to 40 degrees a cool and welcoming sheleter for all the visitors passing by…

film report of ho1 shackleton sculpture installed at Muse opening

ho1 project collective team:

Shackleton sculpture:
art direction:
Marco Self, Riccardo Self
1° design development:
Architecture & Vision, Marco Self
2° design development:
Marco Self, Leo Kopacin
engineering management:
Riccardo Self
Lorenzo Crasnich

Shackleton video:
film director:
Giulio Kirchmayr
3D rendering and animation:
Marco Zanello, Roberto Maffioli
original soundtrack:
film operator:
Nicolò Kirchmayr