…a warmed sculptural bench in a garden, an organic radiator in a private apartment, a big urban installation in a city square, 
an original cooled armchair, this and far more is what we do here.

We combine the great possibilities of the patented t-sculpt process with the involvement of a multidisciplinary group of professionals
in order to design and produce new kind of extraordinary objects that heat or cool the environment or, by contact, even the people. 
t-sculpt makes it possible to imagine and create an almost unlimited range of geometries and dimensions, 
realized with an impressive choice of textures, colors and surface finishes.

Every object is designed by artists, designers, architects and engineers who succeed in creating stunning visual realizations
radically changing the look and feel of the places where they are installed…an ongoing dialogue between
industrial manufacturing and craftsmanship skills, shows an attitude where artistic design meets a post-industrial process,
freeing the project from the constraints of mass-production.






Our organization’s flexibility permits to work with different approaches, from the proposals of our ready-to-use collection to the involvement of 
an entire dedicated design and engineering team offering comprehensive bespoke support for either small or large projects..


Ready-to-use Collection

A distinctive element that marks our collections is that all objects are produced with artisanal quality, elevating raw materials through the work of the masters who craft them. Some models are available in more than one measure in order to satisfy different requests. Each work is thought with a specific surface finishing but can be personalized according to the specific finishing chart. Furthermore, some of our objects can be provided with or without t-sculpt technology inside. Please click here to visit the projects page.

Made to measure Collection 

If you can’t find the right dimension of the desired object from our collection, we can adapt the object design to your need and build a completely new version in larger or smaller dimensions to suit your requirements.


Custom Idea Models Service

Choose one of our 'Idea Models’ from map, logo, portrait and acoustic shaping but modelled to your specific idea of data input concept... As an example you can ask us to develop a new object starting from a specific map and we’ll make it or ask us to design a new bench from a sound you like or even make a large reception desk made based on your company logo. 
Click here to view the Custom Idea Models Service


Bespoke Platform

When there is a need for more tailored aid, you can take advantage of our bespoke design and manufacturing platform. Whether you are looking for an avant-garde art and design studio that propose you a brand new project or you just need a straightforward engineering development and manufacturing of your idea, or a mix of both: we have an answer. Click here for more details.


T-sculpt process at a glance

Click on the right buttons in order to discover each t-sculpt advantage

A process that permits the creation of heated or cooled shapes with few limits to the imagination. This means not to be limited to flat surfaces and two-dimensional curves, but being open to realize 3d “free-form” shapes. .

We can make a small sculpture radiator but our labs are also well equipped for big scale objects so we can realize very large objects for public or private spaces (up to 6m x 6mx 2m made by a single aluminium casting or even bigger adding more parts together).

An impressive choice of textures, colors and surface finishes and the integration with other metals or marble, wood, glass and plastics give few limits to the imagination.

“Free-form” means freedom, that is to say the chance to design new functionalities never seen before: from the cooled armchair for hot summers to the warmed seat or coffee table used in winters to other possibilities we are investigating right now.

Not just a heating technology. In some chosen cases it is possible to cool down the surface to realize and object refreshing people... sometimes you can even choose to warm or cool the same product depending on the season.

The use of aluminium as the main material for all our objects provides excellent thermic features for temperature speed and distribution. Thanks to our production process circuits positioning and direction is managed effectively allowing for an ideal and differentiated temperature distribution. Using our free-form feature during the design phase we can freely change thickness in different parts of the product to heat some areas faster than others.

The use of a particular pipe system for the circulation of fluids inside our objects, allows to significantly decrease the amount of circulating water, thus reaching definite energy savings with the same heated surface.

The use of aluminium and steel pipes inside our objects, eliminates every problem caused by water or damp environments.

By matching a multidisciplinary team with high-quality technologies, we are able to offer a best-in-class bespoke service to satisfy the most sophisticated requests, from a single-off to many pieces.

All design and production phases are managed under one roof achieving very compressed production times. Our labs offer conformance with the main international quality standards, including ISO9001 and environment management ISO14001.

Arts, Crafts, Industry, Science


We are a design and art production firm, result of the integration and coexistence of our own factories, craft workshops and
people coming from the fields of art, product design, architecture, engineering, science.

We rely on the idea that every discipline is not self-contained, but is living in a relation of mutual influence with other forms of knowledge, 
even seemingly opposite ones. Our common ground is an attitude to a dynamic relationship among partners with different histories and approaches...

We design as well as produce by involving, for each project, a specific multidisciplinary team of diverse people in order to create
advanced solutions in a continuous relationship between arts, crafts, industry and science.

Nowadays we can take advantage of an internal and heterogeneous community of professionals and in-house manufacturing labs
for experimentation and production. All the people are involved either by asking them to research, inject and experiment
new ideas inside our platform or to respond to specific projects commissioned from outside the platform.

Our labs are organized in three plants that occupy about 11,000 sqm indoor surface and offer adherence to the
main international quality standards such as ISO9001 and environment management as ISO14001

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